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Make it Spin.

Turn any device into the
ultimate fidget spinner!

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Stick it, Flip it, & Make it Spin!

The Fidjtm turns your phone into an app-enabled spinning machine! Hypnotize with spinning imagery and audio, create high-velocity artwork, and even sync to music in real time for an epic dance party! Click here for a closer look & see what test group members are saying below.


The Fidj sticks to the back of any phone or case. Simply stick it on the back/center of your phone and physics will handle the rest. It leaves no residue, and can be applied and re-applied as needed.

Oh hey, a little secret: it’s also compatible with PopSockets!


Turn your phone over and place it on a flat, clutter-free surface.

his is the perfect time to check out the free Fidj app for some truly epic spinning. Hypnotize with mesmerizing imagery, create spinning artwork, and even sync your music to kick off an epic dance party!


With a twist of the wrist, spin that phone and enjoy the physics-based breeze! Oops, you're addicted.

And that's just the beginning. The Fidj app will sync to smart devices like Philip's Hue lighting and bluetooth speakers for room-scale fidgeting and fun! Spin your phone and watch your rooms lighting swirl in time and match the colors on display.

Beyond the strangely-addictive ability to spin your phone, the free Fidj app adds to your fidgety habits with epic audio & visual effects, games, hypnotic artwork, & more.

Coming soon for iOS and Android